In Paris on 9 January to reclaim justice for Sakine, Fidan, Leyla

The French Solidaires Union called all workers to meet in Paris on 9 January to reclaim justice on the 8th year of the Paris Massacre.

It has been 8 years since Sakine Cansiz, Fidan Doğan and Leyla Şaylemez were murdered by MIT hitman Ömer Güney. While the investigation launched years after the massacre was being carried out, the only defendant in the case, Güney, had died in prison just before the trial began.

While the French judiciary continues to remain indifferent to the search for justice, it appears clear that the issue is not on the agenda of the state because of political and economic interests.

Those responsible are not punished

Solidaires, one of the leading trade unions of the country called for strong participation in the action to be held in Paris on 9 January. In a statement, the union, which reminded that Cansiz, Fidan and Şaylemez were murdered by a hitman openly linked to the Turkish MIT, said: “For 8 years, the families' quest for justice has been ignored; for 8 years, those who ordered the killer, who died a few days before their trial, went unpunished. "

Reminding that President Erdogan had several meetings with the current President Emmanuel Macron and his predecessor François Hollande, it was emphasized that both presidents did not raise this issue once.

Political and economic interests prevail over justice

Reacting to the silence at state level, the statement said: "It must be said that the economic and political interests of France have priority over justice." The statement also recalled that Erdogan had his mercenaries to fight in many places, including Rojava, Nagorno Karabakh and Libya, while simultaneously massacring civilians in the mountains of South Kurdistan.

'The PKK must be accepted as the only interlocutor’

The statement, which emphasized that the "terrorism" accusation against the PKK should also come to an end in order for "justice to be served", said that the Belgian judiciary's decision [on the PKK] can be considered as an example.

The statement said the PKK should be regarded as interlocutor in the Kurdish issue in the international arena. Turkey, said the statement, has to end its attacks on Kurdish militants outside the country.

In the statement, which called for participation in the protest to be held at the Gare du Nord, in Paris, on 9 January 2021, all other unions were asked to take their place in the protest. The statement said that participation from other countries may not be possible due to the Covid-19 bans this year, and therefore the importance of ensuring participation in Paris and surrounding places was very important.