Ilhan: Iraqi government and the UN responsible for the Turkish attack on Maxmur

Leyla Arzu Ilhan, member of the Diplomacy Committee of the Ishtar Assembly, said: “The responsibility for the attack on Maxmur lies with the UN and the Iraqi government."

Reacting to Turkey's attack against Maxmur on Saturday, Maxmur Ishtar Assembly Diplomacy Committee member Leyla Arzu Ilhan said that the UN and Iraqi government are responsible for the attacks and that they should act immediately.

Speaking to ANHA news agency, Ilhan said: "This events have developed as a result of the decision taken by the Turkish state, which wants to occupy South Kurdistan, and by the KDP, which wants to gain political strength from it. For 27 years, Maxmur camp has been subjected to attacks by the Turkish state. Because the Turkish state sees organized life in this camp as a great danger for itself. We repeatedly applied to the South Kurdistan government to lift the embargo imposed on the camp, but each time they said that the decision was taken from the top. Even from this discourse, it is clear that the decision was made by the Turkish state and that the South Kurdistan government implemented it.”

Ilhan added that this new attack on the camp shows “the concept of complete destruction” the Turkish government pursues and added: “They want to occupy the Maxmur camp, just like they did in Afrin, Serekaniye and Gire Spi. The KDP, on the other hand, serves to legitimize these attacks. According to the information we have received, the KDP is parceling out the lands of Kurdistan and selling them to the Turkish state, just so that it can maintain his power for a while.”

Ilhan added: "The UN and the Iraqi government are also responsible for this latest attack. The necessary attitude should be taken against the Turkish state and the UN should protect this camp which is under their control.” 

Ilhan continued: "The Turkish state resorts to new dirty tricks every time it suffers a defeat. What lies behind the attack on the camp is the defeat imposed by the guerrillas to the Turkish state. This camp has resisted all kinds of attacks for 27 years. Today, this resistance continues. Everyone should know that with the support of our people, we will be successful against the fascist colonialist and genocidal attacks."