Hunger strikers to mothers: You have been our voice!

Mothers wearing white headscarves in Ankara, received phone calls from their sons and daughters on hunger strike in prison. 

Cengiz Doğan, one of the prisoner on hunger strike said to the mothers: “The meetings [of lawyers] in İmralı happened thanks to the resistance of the mothers.”

The mothers, known for their white headscarves, have been in Ankara for 12 days. They have been organising actions at the HDP headquarters to draw attention on their sons and daughters on hunger strike. 

Mothers were able to talked to their sons and daughters by phone. 

Cengiz Doğan, who has been on hunger strike since 1 March in Ali Ağa Prison in İzmir, called his mother Şükriye Doğan. 

Cengiz Doğan’s phone was put on loud speaker and all the mothers could listen to his message. 

Saluting the action of mothers, Doğan said that everyone is expecting the statement by the lawyers who visited Ocalan in İmralı. “We're all good. Our morale is high. We're curious about your situation and what is happening outside. To tell the truth, our mothers have been the voice of our resistance. Our mothers carried out our resistance. Our action continues.”

Doğan continued: “Our morale is rising when we hear your voice. Our belief and hope are increasing. The meetings in İmralı have happened thanks to the resistance of you mothers. We believe that with your resistance this action will achieve results. We said from the beginning that we were ready to pay whatever price in this resistance. The main thing for us is the removal of isolation. All our friends here say hello and ask you not to worry about us.”

One of the mothers, Nafiye Yiğit told Cengiz Doğan: “We made a promise to our children and we will not step back until we succeed.”