Hundreds detained in operations across Turkey and North Kurdistan

AKP government is continuing its operations of mass arrests across North Kurdistan and Turkey through security forces.

AKP government is continuing its operations of mass arrests across North Kurdistan and Turkey through security forces.


In Yüreğir and Seyhan districts of Adana, police raided a number of houses and detained a total of 54 people, 6 being minors, in the air-supported dawn operation in many neighborhoods, including Gülbahçesi, Dumlupınar and Dağlıoğlu. Many youths were detained for allegedly being members of the YDG-H (Movement of Patriotic and Revolutionary Youth).

In the meantime, 9 people detained in house raids by gendarme yesterday were referred to the Courthouse of Adana, accused of "being member to a terrorist organization", "committing crime on behalf of a terrorist organization" and "damaging public property".


Special operation teams conducted house raids in Ağrı province at 4 a.m. in the morning. Policemen insulted the people in the houses they raided in the operation which also targeted members of the HDP and DBP. A number of people have been detained and taken to police headquarters.

Two other people were detained in raids in Eleşkirt district of Ağrı.


Dozens of people were taken into custody in concurrent police operations in Van that targeted 48 addresses. Executives of the HDP and DBP are among the detainees who have been taken to police directorate.


Many people have been reported detain in the operation in Asarlık neighborhood conducted by special operation and anti-terror teams of İzmir police directorate.

In Menemen district of İzmir, 22 people were detained in the raids police conducted against a number of addresses early in the morning. The number of detainees is expected to increase.


In the house raids in Adıyaman, 16 people including HDP provincial executive Bahri Yıldız have been detained and taken to provincial police headquarters.


Two people, reportedly HDP members, have been detained in today's house raids in İslahiye district of Antep today.

In the meantime, out of 9 people who were detained three days ago, 7 minors were released while the other two were remanded in custody for alleged membership to a terrorist organization.


Detentions have also been reported in Urfa city center where police have continued raid operations this morning.

Police operations were also conducted in Ceylanpınar, Suruç and Viranşehir districts of Urfa following the murder of two policemen in Ceylanpınar the day before. Over 50 people were detained.

Out of 7 people detained in Ceylanpınar 2 days ago, 4 were released, while 13 people and Lüfti Abir, owner of the flat where two policemen were killed, were detained during the operations of yesterday night and throughout the day.

At least 10 addresses in the district have been targeted in this morning's operations. The number of detainees is expected to increase as operations continue.

A number of people including Kurdish daily Azadiya Welat worker Mustafa Taşdemir have been detained in today's operations in Suruç district.

As part of the operations in Birecik district, at least 11 people have been detained in concurrent house raids in a number of houses this morning.


In Dargeçit (Kerboran) district of Mardin also, police and special operation teams conducted five concurrent raids in the neighborhoods of Bahçebaşı, Tepebaşı and Sefa early in the morning.

While two youths at the age of 24 and 26 were detained, it is reported that two other people searched by police couldn't be found during the operation, and another person searched, Nihat Akdoğan, turned out to be jailed already.

The two youths detained in the operation were later released after giving their statement at district police headquarters.

In Nusaybin district, 6 people including a minor were detained in police operations in the neighborhoods of Fırat, Kışla and Abdulkadir Paşa.


Police also carried out raids in Gazik, Esentepe and Moğultay districts of Dersim earlier today. Five people were detained.


Four people were detained in today's operation in Silvan district of Amed for allegedly participating in yesterday evening's demo condemning Suruç massacre which left 31 socialist youths dead on July 20.


Out of 5 people who were detained in yesterday's operations in Batman, one was released on conditions of trial without arrest, while the other 4 were remanded in custody.

9 more people were detained in the police operations in the city going on since last night. Three women among them were released after giving their statements to police, while the other five are being held at police headquarters.


Hundreds of police, soldiers and special operation teams accompanied by armored vehicles raided the Tepeönü (Batılê) village in Cizre district of Şırnak last night. Five people were detained in the operation during which police raided a number of houses after breaking their doors and windows, and also insulting the people in the houses they raided and searched in detail.


In Istanbul where over a hundred people were detained yesterday, anti-terror teams conducted an air-supported raid in Beyoğlu district this morning. Many houses in Gaziosmanpaşa and Sultabeyli were also raided in another operation also participated by special operation teams.

According to the information obtained from the Association of Libertarian Lawyers, 4 people were detained in Gaziosmanpaşa, one in Sultanbeyli and two in Beyoğlu.


In Bursa, where 12 were detained yesterday, police continued house raids today as well, in which many people were taken into custody, including HDK General Assembly member Muhittin Kaya and YAKAYDER representative Halit Bozbey.


Three people, including a father and son, were detained in the police operation that targeted two addresses in Şehitlik neighborhood in Bulanık district of Muş. Police broke the doors of the houses which they messed up during a long detailed search.


Three people were detain in a midnight police operation in Şemdinli district of Hakkari. Police broke the doors and windows of the houses they targeted in the operation in Moda neighborhood and Altınsu (Şapatan) village.


Special operation teams raided a house and detained Siirt Municipal Council member Şemsettin Aşkara in Conkbayır neighborhood of Siirt. Aşkara was battered during the raid and custody.


Eight people including DHF members and executive of Pir Sultan Abdal Alevi Cultural Association were detained in police operations in Erzincan.