HPG guerrilla Robin Bakır laid to rest in Adana

HPG guerrilla Robin Bakır, who fell a martyr during clashes in Herekol, province of Siirt, was buried in Adana.

The remains of HPG guerrilla Robin Bakır, who fell a martyr during clashes in Herekol, province of Siirt on 28 September, were delivered to his family on Wednesday and buried in Küçükoba Cemetery in Seyhan, Adana at midnight.

The family went to Siirt 3 months after having a DNA test performed and upon learning that the sample matched. Bakır's remains, buried in Zevye Cemetery, were brought to Adana at midnight, under police blockade.

The graveyard where Bakır was to buried was heavily surrounded by the police and no one other than the family was allowed to attend the funeral.