HPG: 39 Turkish soldiers killed as guerrillas launch revolutionary operation

In a series of offensive actions against occupying forces in southern Kurdistan, at least 39 Turkish soldiers were killed, 23 of them in a revolutionary guerrilla operation at Girê Amêdî, reported the HPG.

According to the daily statement of the People's Defence Forces (HPG), at least 39 Turkish soldiers have been killed and five others injured in the past 24 hours in a series of offensive actions against occupation forces in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq). The guerrillas were also able to destroy various armaments, including military radar installations, camera surveillance systems and an ammunition depot. These actions were dedicated to the legendary guerrilla commander Mahsum Korkmaz (Nom de Guerre "Egîd"), who fired the first shot of the PKK in Eruh district of Siirt on 15 August 1984, thus initiating the armed liberation struggle.

The HPG announced the following details of Saturday's actions: In Avaşîn, a multi-purpose excavator vehicle that was to be used for attacks on the Werxelê defence massif was fired upon and severely damaged. An attempted chemical weapons attack against the resistance area was averted by an early response with heavy weapons.

At 08:30, guerrillas struck the Turkish base in Kanî Masî sub-district in Amadiya district of Duhok with heavy weaponry. Strikes by mobile guerrilla units left two occupants dead, while a military position, two radar installations and a surveillance system were destroyed.

Injured soldier shot dead by own men

A second video surveillance system was destroyed on Girê FM by guerrillas of the Free Women's Troops (YJA Star). In the course of action, a soldier who was trying to install the technology around the summit was also killed. At the nearby Girê Cûdî, three soldiers were killed in two sabotage actions by guerrillas. The military unit, which consisted of four men in total, was targeted by the guerrillas while attempting to place explosive charges on the massif. The fourth soldier in the group was injured and ordered by the guerrillas to surrender. "The wounded soldier asked our forces for help and was shot by one of his comrades who was elsewhere in the compound. The guerrillas then targeted the occupation unit from which the shot was fired, as a result of which one of them was punished," HPG said.

Weapons and ammunition confiscated

In the course of intensive clashes, the guerrillas subsequently succeeded in overrunning the positions of the Turkish occupation forces at Girê Cûdî and seizing various weapons, ammunition and other military equipment. This included about 20 kilograms of explosives, a mobile phone, three magazines for the HK G3 rapid-fire rifle made by the German arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch, two hand grenades, a bullet-proof waistcoat, a tactical mission shield and other equipment.

Coordinated guerrilla raid

Later in the day, mobile guerrilla units in the Girê Cûdî area carried out a multi-front assault against invading forces. One wing concentrated on a military position, while snipers were deployed on the other side. A third group targeted an ammunition depot, which subsequently went up in flames and burnt out completely. The HPG put the number of soldiers killed here at eight.

Revolutionary operation at Girê Amêdî

On Sunday morning, the guerrillas launched a revolutionary operation in the Girê Amêdî resistance area. The fighters took action from a total of six sides against an advance attempt by the occupation forces on the Şehîd Sîpan and Şehîd Gelhat defence tunnels. Various tactics were combined and mainly hand grenades were used. Six of the 23 soldiers killed were shot by guerrilla sniper units. At about the same time, another soldier was fatally shot in the vicinity of the war positions on Şehîd Pîrdoxan hill. Two fortified machine gun positions were also damaged by the shelling. In addition, a surveillance camera was destroyed.

Correction message

The HPG corrected the information on a guerrilla action last Tuesday in the northern Kurdish province of Şırnak. In a statement published on Friday, August 5, the number of soldiers killed in the incident was reported to be eight, with three others injured. "According to our determination and information, two occupiers were punished and two were injured in the action. We apologise to the public and our people for this mistake."

Attacks by Turkey in South Kurdistan

The HPG further stressed that the Turkish army continues to use chemical agents against guerrilla positions in southern Kurdistan every day. On 6 August, 28 such attacks were carried out in Girê FM, Şikefta Birîndara and Werxelê - two of them with drones. The HPG also reported nine airstrikes by fighter jets, 18 helicopter attacks and dozens of artillery attacks on guerrilla areas in southern Kurdistan.