HDP: The political operation will not end democratic opposition but the government!

The HDP drew attention to the genocidal political practices of the AKP-MHP government and said that "the government has lost all its strongholds and these latest attacks will actually end the government itself."

In a written statement, the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Central Executive Board (MYK) said that "the political genocide attacks, which started with the 'KCK operations' on 14 April 2009 against democratic politics, continue with the same conspiracy and coup mentality, even though they have changed form and name today. The attacks, developed under the name of 'Kobane operations', against our party and democratic politics, are an indication of the fear of the rulers and its historical Kurdish hostility.”

The statement said: "In 2009, nearly ten thousand Kurdish politicians, activists, journalists and representatives of civil society organizations were detained and arrested in the KCK operations. Today, the political genocide cases are being carried out by the judiciary seized by the AKP government, with the same understanding. Democratic politics tried to explain to everyone that these operations were carried out by criminal networks embedded within the state with the consent and support of the AKP government, that parallel state structures were created and that the operations aimed to cover up the crimes committed. If these warnings had been taken into account, the cost of operational complicity and partnership of interest would not have been so heavy for Turkey. The complicity of the AKP and the Cemaat led to a great coup attempt in which dozens of people lost their lives, thousands of people were detained. We were forced to live under state of emergency that has created a world of terror and the one-man regime that has dragged Turkey into darkness.”

The statement added: "Today, the same mentality and logic is maintained in the Kobane cases and operations. The attack launched by the government to liquidate democratic politics has new partners in the MHP, the mafia. However, this complicity will eventually turn into a conflict of interest and unfortunately Turkey will have to pay the price again.

Despite all the heavy costs, democratic politics continues on its way with determination and growth. The government, which tried to liquidate free and autonomous local governments, lost all its strongholds, and these latest conspiracy attacks will bring the end of the government. The KCK operations did not deter us from our path yesterday, nor will the Kobane conspiracy cases intimidate us today. We will continue on our way by getting stronger and growing.”