HDP’s Oluç: Prosecutors receive orders from party leaders

An investigation has been initiated following the HDP's congress last Sunday. HDP’s Saruhan Oluç said: "The prosecutors are acting on the orders of certain party leaders."

Saruhan Oluç, deputy chairperson of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) parliamentary group, spoke on current issues at a press conference in the parliament in Ankara. Among other things, he referred to an investigation that was initiated after the fourth ordinary congress of the party that was held in Ankara last Sunday:

"Tens of thousands of people have flocked to the congress with extraordinary enthusiasm, despite all attempts at obstruction and repression. At the congress, all procedures were completed and there were no legal shortcomings. Everything that has to be done formally and legally at a congress has taken place. The prosecutor's office did not know which crime could be attributed to the congress leadership, they did not find anything. And then what happened? The technicians of a company we had a deal with, were arrested. The company had a contract with us to provide sound and stage equipment for a fee. The prosecutor's office had the employees of this company arrested because they didn't find anything else. All but one of those arrested were released yesterday. They have nothing to do with the case. The only reason they were at the convention was for sound, lighting and stage arrangement. They are employees of a professional firm. This measure was not enough, now an employee of our party has also been arrested and a four-day detention has been ordered. Prosecutors act on orders from certain party leaders."