HDP's Ceylan: The government will lose if opposition organizes properly

Amed Provincial Co-Chair of the HDP, Zeyyat Ceylan, said that “There is a major economic, political and social crisis. If the society and the opposition are properly organized, there is no chance that the AKP-MHP government will not go."

HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) Amed (Diyarbakır) Provincial Co-Chair Zeyyat Ceylan raised concern over Turkey’s ongoing invasion attacks carried out with the support of international and regional powers and political genocide operations. Ceylan emphasized that there is also resistance against fascism.

Earlier this week, Turkish President Erdogan reiterated that Turkey is preparing a new invasion operation against Rojava Kurdistan amidst ongoing invasion attacks on South Kurdistan. The Turkish state has already invaded the Afrin, Jarablus, Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê regions of Rojava and wants to further invade towns such as Qamişlo, Amude and Kobane. In the meantime, the political genocide operations in North Kurdistan and Turkey are continuing as part of the preparations for a new Turkish invasion.

Speaking to ANF, HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) Amed (Diyarbakır) Provincial Co-Chair Zeyyat Ceylan stated that both the classical state bureaucracy and the AKP-MHP government have a plan to update the Lausanne Treaty. Also, the Turkish government seeks to realize its irredentist dreams as described in the National Pact.


Ceylan remarked that regional powers such as Syria, Iran and Iraq also contributed to the anti-Kurdish policies of the Turkish state: “The current situation is dangerous. As we describe the current situation as World War III, we need to look at the developments between the two world wars. In the First World War, the Armenians, Yazidis, Greeks and Syriacs were massacred.  The Jews were massacred during World War II. So, it is necessary to predict what will happen in World War III. The Kurds are currently facing the biggest danger. The Kurds should realize it.”


Ceylan pointed to the international powers as well as the influence of regional powers, stating; “All powerholders contribute to this process. No power can bomb Duhok, Afrin or Shengal with 20 fighter jets, despite Russia and America. There is a compromise and an agreement that give green light to Turkish aggression. The AKP-MHP government also carries out its attacks by reconciling with the international and regional powers. However, they should know that conflict and destruction will not benefit anyone.”


Ceylan pointed out that the main purpose of the AKP-MHP alliance is to maintain their power through policies of internal and external conflicts, tension and instability. “The powers and institutions that promote democracy and peace should be involved in the process. Turkey is currently facing major economic, political and social crises. We can stop this dangerous trend if we agree that the problems concern everybody, but not just the Kurds. Turkey is carrying out such comprehensive and complicated attacks because it considers the Kurds as an obstacle to their policies.”


“We also see that there is serious social resistance against the political bans, the crackdown in prisons and the absolute isolation imposed on Abdullah Öcalan. There are fascist policies, but these have not succeeded. There is also popular opposition to these policies. We believe that this opposition should grow stronger. We also believe that 2022 and 2023 will be better for the forces for peace and democracy. If the society and the opposition are properly organized, there is no chance that the AKP-MHP will not leave. We should make a great effort. We know that the peoples of Kurdistan and Turkey will achieve success,” Ceylan concluded.