HDP’s Buldan: Kurdish unity is a historic responsibility

Referring to the elections that should be held in 2019, Buldan said: “Everyone should be prepared. It is time to defeat the AKP in this country and to overthrow the AKP from power”.

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Co-Chairwoman Pervin Buldan spoke at the weekly party group meeting.

In her speech, Buldan talked about the HDP delegation that visited the South Kurdistan region and said: "I would like to state that this visit was very important in a period when the Kurdish people is under attack from those who want to eliminate it and dismiss it from politics. In every visit we made, we underlined to those who meet us the historical significance and importance of the Kurdish people in this period. We said that unity and coexistence of Kurdish people is crucial and that Kurds have to speak out against any massacre”.

Stating that the Kurdish people are an important strategic force in the Middle East with their historic struggle today, Buldan continued: “We all know how important unity is at this point in time: what started with Kirkuk continued with Afrin and we know that there are many risks and threats ahead. Therefore, the national unity of the Kurdish people is now a historic responsibility”.

Referring to the recent developments in Syria, Buldan said:

“We have said at every possible occasion that we are working for and supporting a political solution for Syria. Syrian problems will be solved through peace, not war. Today we repeat the same statement. Because in the end, it is the people of Syria who are affected by the US, France and Britain firing missiles against Syria. Because every bomb that is fired is a bomb hitting the will of the people of Syria. Therefore, it is necessary to gather around a table and discuss political solutions and search for solutions”.

Buldan continued: “We are not in favor of the use of chemical weapons, of course. And we always say that this is a crime against humanity. And it is an independent mission that should identify who used these chemical weapons and bring them to justice. It is clear that the AKP-MHP coalition, which plays a very negative role in the deepening of the Syrian war, must immediately end its expansionist policy”.

Responding to the words of the Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, who said that the Free Syrian Army are “fighting against terrorists, against godless people, against non-believers," Buldan said:

"We strongly condemn the words of a President who calls himself a Muslim, President of a Muslim nation who called the people of Afrin, people without God. If the President of a Muslim country believes in Allah, he will not be in favor of war. No one who believes in Allah will stand for the death of people”.

Buldan underlined that "Turkey is not a peaceful country” and reminded the increase of crime under the AKP government and the increase of repression.

Buldan also stressed that indeed the only word the government has kept is that they would keep declaring the OHAL, State of Emergency. “And indeed - said Buldan - they are doing this. The State of Emergency will come to Parliament again on Wednesday and will be no doubt extended for the 7th time. The AKP has enough numbers in the Assembly to win this vote, but the HDP will oppose this extension”.

Referring to the elections that should be held in 2019, Buldan said: “Everyone should be prepared. It is time to defeat the AKP in this country and to overthrow the AKP from power”.