HDP Representative for Europe: EU should go beyond voicing concern

HDP Representative for Europe Eyüp Doru stated that the European Union should go beyond just expressing “concern” and “worry” over the happenings in Turkey.

Officials from the HDP Representation Office in Europe held talks with the foreign ministers of several countries and European Union officials after the arrest of HDP deputies who include Co-chairs Selahattin Demirtaş and Figen Yüksekdağ.

HDP Representative for Europe Eyüp Doru who spoke to ANF stated that they talked on this subject with High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini, European Parliament President Martin Schulz, EP political group chairs and officials from the foreign ministries of Italy, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Belgium, Greece and France.

Doru said that during these meetings they expressed their views that the Turkish government dragged the country to a deadlock and failed a reason for a solution, and that the EU should strictly take sides with democracy.

Stating that their views mainly gained acceptance, Doru said: "Officials from all the countries we have met remarked that the conflict between the Turkish state and PKK should re-evolve to talks and a process of resolution."


Doru noted that some of the officials were for taking a strict and clear stance against Turkey.

Doru stressed that the European officials' statements restricted with concerns and worries did not bother the Turkish state as President Erdoğan continued with his usual political agenda. Doru continued: "The European Union will make decisions at the level of Committee of Ministers. Discussions on this subject are ongoing. I hope their statements will turn to a serious stance. Statements voicing concerns and worries will not be enough to stop Erdoğan. A very serious approach must be adopted."


Doru listed their demands from the European Union as follows:

"We expect the European Union to clearly put pressure on Turkey for the release of jailed politicians. We are the third party in Turkey, and the leading one in Northern Kurdistan. The UN and EU must see this truth. Should democratic ways be rendered meaningless, there will be no conditions left to discuss the problems at table and Turkey will be like Syria."


Criticising the deals the EU has made with Turkey on refugees, Doru said the silence of European states on the incidents in Turkey was related with this wrong policy. He continued: "Representatives of many states do agree on this view. Erdoğan uses the refugee deal as a means of pressure. He uses even the victims of war for his political interests. Europeans make unlimited concessions on this issue." Doru added that they expected stronger messages from the European Union.

The HDP Representation Office in Europe will hold a press briefing on this matter in the European Parliament next Tuesday.