HDP issues urgent call for action for Müjgan Ekin missing since October

HDP Vice Co-Chair Mr Hişyar Özsoy has issued an urgent call regarding Müjgan Ekin's disappearance since 24 October 2016.

Twenty-nine- year-old Müjgan Ekin, former programmer at Özgür Gün TV and councilor of Sur Municipality, has been missing since 24 October 2016. The testimonies of two taxi drivers and her friends and the information gathered so far by her family and lawyers highlight the need to take urgent action to prevent another possible case of forced disappearance.

According to testimonies and the information gathered, Müjgan Ekin traveled by bus from Diyarbakır to Ankara with a girlfriend on 23-24 October. The two young women arrived at Ankara in the morning of October 24 and went home. Later in the day Müjgan Ekin went to the city center. The taxi she took from the city center was stopped, and plain-clothed persons who identified themselves as policemen forcefully detained her. Ekin’s family and lawyers have reached a video footage from security cameras showing a man following her in a mall and four vehicles following the taxi she took. One of those cars stopped her taxi and she was forcibly transferred to that car. Two taxi drivers witnessed the incident. Ekin's family and lawyer applied to the Ankara Police Department.

However, the Police Department said there was no such detention file in their records. The family was first referred to the bureau dealing with missing persons, but later the case was transferred to the bureau dealing with crimes against the Constitutional order. The impression of the family and lawyers is that state officials, including the Ministry of Justice and Police Department, are not properly and seriously investigating Ekin’s disappearance; rather they are trying to cover up the incident.

In order for Ms. Mujgan Ekin’s case not to turn into a new case of forced disappearance, HDP invited the international community, human rights organizations, and international institutions working in the field of forced disappearances to investigate and raise awareness about the issue, urging the Turkish government to investigate the issue seriously and release information about her whereabouts and safety.