HDP in Van protests the economic crisis, calls on the government to resign

Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Van Provincial Organization held a demonstration to protest the economic crisis and called for the government to resign immediately.

Numerous groups and people, including HDP lawmaker Murat Sarısaç, HDP and Democratic Regions Party (DBP) administrators, as well as members of the Peace Mothers Assembly, Free Women’s Movement (TJA), DİSK (Confederation of Revolutionary Workers' Unions) and KESK (Public Workers' Unions Confederation) attended the demonstration in the city centre.

İbrahim Acar, one of the administrators of the HDP provincial organization, made a speech at the protest and stated that the economy and legal system in the country had collapsed.

Acar said that the ruling AKP has become the source of problems rather than solving them. “The economic management focused on Erdogan’s palace, war, profiteering and partisanship is unaware of the situation of the ordinary people.”

“As a result of the Turkish lira (TL) meltdown caused by the government's anti-people and ignorant policies, our citizens are faced with price hikes,” he added.

Acar remarked that the budget resources flow to the Palace, luxury, waste, supporters and interest, adding, “The budget share allocated to local governments and our region is insufficient. This budget plan must be changed as it will deepen the existing inequalities. Since the government has replaced our mayors with appointed trustees, no social support is offered to our impoverished people.”

The politician noted that one of the main reasons for the economic crisis is the government’s insistence on policies that have led to a deadlock in the Kurdish issue.

Acar emphasized that the isolation policy against Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan and the prisoners in other jails is another major reason for the crisis: “For more than 40 years, Turkey has spent millions of dollars for military methods to deal with the Kurdish issue. Security policies have brought the country and its economy to the point of collapse. We recommend pro-peace policies instead of security policies. The welfare of Turkey’s society lies in peace policies. Pro-war policies do not only cause material losses but also a refugee influx, ecological and sociological destruction.”

Acar concluded, “We think that this government should resign immediately. This government should resign and call for snap elections. Peace and prosperity will continue to go down in the country as long as this government remains in power. In this sense, we demand an immediate resignation and snap election.”