HDP delegation held press conference in Berlin

The HDP delegation continues its visit in Germany

The Peoples’ Democratic Party delegation, after continued meetings in Berlin since yesterday, held a press conference in the Federal Press Hall near the Federal Parliament and the Office of the Chancellor. HDP Co-chair Sezai Temelli spoke about the meetings in the conference attended by HDP MPs Mithat Sancar and Feleknas Uca as well as HDP Germany Co-representatives Leyla Imret and Sinan Onal.
Temelli said the relationship between Turkey and Germany will become more important in the coming period and stated that the HDP is in favor of the relationship not being restricted to only between governments, but developing within the framework of democratic values. Temelli pointed out that there are also crises in Turkey other than the financial crisis: 
“There are political and societal crises in Turkey. We call this a crisis of democracy, and we see democratization as a way out of this crisis for the country. The current government says the crisis is due to the financial crisis and foreign intervention. But this crisis has been caused by long standing neoliberal policies. On the other hand, Turkey has been drowning in a political crisis for a long time now. This crisis has gotten deeper especially after the peace process was ended.”
HDP Co-chair Temelli pointed out the developments in Syria in the conference. Temelli said there is a humanitarian tragedy in Afrin, and continued: “Yazidis, Syriacs, Arab Alevis, Kurds and Turkmens have been victimized here. As this victimization stands out for the world to see, we have concerns about the international forces’ approach towards Idlib.”
Temelli said they want the international public to be conscious of Idlib and find a solution, saying, “Finding a solution for the peoples in Syria has become urgently important.” Temelli said Europe is concerned for a new refugee crisis due to developments in Idlib, and demanded that this situation not be made into a new negotiation point in the talks with Erdoğan. Temelli said, “The issue of refugees must be resolved on the basis of human rights.”
Temelli said, like in Turkey, the HDP is prepared to offer any and all support for peace in Syria and added that the matter should be handled as a whole in the meetings in Germany. Temelli said peace in Syria, Turkey’s democracy and the steps to be taken towards these ends are also very important for Europe and that relationships not based on democracy and peace constitute support for an oppressive regime.
Temelli said the Turkish government wants to avoid democracy and build a relationship based solely on financial matters and added that a program for democracy is necessary for the relationship with the European Union outside of the visa waiver and refugee deals. Temelli issued the following call:
“Solidarity between civilian societies is greatly significant. The relationship between Turkey and Germany is most suited for this to develop. There is a high number of citizens from Turkey living here. We must strive together for a more democratic Europe, a more democratic Turkey and a more democratic world. If we don’t, not only with authoritarianism develop in Turkey but racism in Germany will also increase.”