HDP delegates and activists: We will continue to fight despite all pressures!

The delegates and activists attending the HDP congress said that they will fight against the policies of the government despite the pressures and attacks.

The HDP 5th Ordinary Congress was held in Ankara with the participation of tens of thousands with the slogan "We Have the Solution". People from all over Turkey and Kurdistan said that they will fight against the policies of the government despite the oppression and attacks. Delegates at the congress reiterated that there were many legal attacks, including the closure case, and said that they will eliminate these attacks, emphasising that the HDP was the voice of the people and that the people won’t be intimidated by pressure.

Some of the delegates told ANF about their commitment against the oppression and cruelty policies of the government.

Yağmur Kavak: “Thousands of people came to Ankara for the HDP 5th Congress. People from all over Turkey and Kurdistan came here with great enthusiasm against these policies of oppression and persecution that AKP-MHP tried to create on HDP, closure cases, trustees appointed to municipalities, as well as the murder of Deniz Poyraz. A 'third way' is described here. As our co-chairs have said, we think that there is a third way. We believe that the HDP and other components will be able to bring equality and justice to the peoples of Turkey and Kurdistan, women, LGBTI+s and the working class in the third way.”

Ali Özoğlu: “I am attending the congress from Fatsa. We are very happy to see the same enthusiasm we came with reflected here. Those who say that they will close the HDP in Turkey today should look at this congress and think well about what they have in mind. The HDP is the people, the people cannot be silenced. From the Black Sea to Edirne, from Edirne to Kars, from Kars to Hakkari, no one will be able to silence this party. The foundations of our party are based on Mazlum Doğans, Kemal Pirs and Haki Karer.”

Delegate Songül Şarklı: “Despite the attacks against the party, there was a good turnout. From the beginning, we said that we will defend the HDP and we will not allow our party to be shut down. In this sense, this resistance will continue. The HDP and the HDP's political tradition are not unsolved. We certainly have alternative solutions. We will defend our party to the end. This ownership, this resistance exists here, as you can see. There is also the public in return for this.”

Delegate Mediha Yüksel: "By filling this hall and raising the enthusiasm here, we gave a big answer to those who attacked HDP. We said: 'we are here, we are standing, we are not going anywhere.’ With the strength we get from here, we will fight against both the elections and the AKP-MHP fascism with our friends who will take charge in the new period and our entire base that will return to the locals. Today, we felt the enthusiasm of not only the thousands who came here, but also of our entire people, whose hearts, ears and eyes are with us. The HDP has spread fear in the AKP-MHP fascist bloc.”

HDP delegate Bülent Uyguner: “With this congress, the HDP managed to show once again that it exists and is a social force against all closure cases and oppression. Right now, the hall is packed inside and out. The people once again showed to all local and international forces that the HDP has the will for a solution and that they are behind it. The HDP is the follower of the reforms and steps to be made both in the political process and after the change of power in the upcoming period. The HDP has an important role and will fulfil this historical role after the congress. With this congress, with this hope, with this light, with this enthusiasm, our struggle will continue to grow.

Despite all the arrests and pressures, the HDP never backed down. We went out on the streets to express our social demands, we protested the oppression everywhere. We entered the process of building in order to realize the broadest democratic alliance, which we call the 'third way', against isolation, oppression carried out by the government, and we will show the steps to be taken after the end of this government. In the parliamentary elections, we will play our historical role so that all the power of the left of Turkey takes its place in a common democracy front. In this sense, the HDP represents the self-confidence of society. All polls show that the HDP has 15 percent of the vote. The mass has great confidence in the HDP. This trust is what the HDP has won with its struggle. Maybe they can close the HDP, but they can never prevent the HDP from continuing its ideology and struggle under other forms. Because now it has become a historical movement. It has a past, it has a present, and it has the confidence of millions for the future. We will fulfil these expectations.”