HDP condemns government's anti-refugee policies

The HDP blames the regime's policies for the increasing number of murders of refugees. Most recently, military police drove refugees in border areas into a minefield. Four of them died.

The Turkish land borders in the southeast are repeatedly scene of some of the most severe attacks and murders of refugees. In the past few weeks in particular, there have been new attacks on them by border police officers.

On October 5, for example, a group of refugees from Hesekê was picked up by the Turkish military police and driven into a minefield with shots. Four of them died, some when a mine exploded, others from gunshot wounds.

But racist murders are also becoming more common. Just a few days ago, refugee Vail al-Mansour, who worked in a sweat shop, was racially insulted on his way to work in Konya and stabbed to death while trying to escape.

"The state migration policy brings about death"

In a statement, the migration policy spokespersons of the HDP, Gülsüm Ağaoğlu and Veli Saçılık, commented on the murders: “A migrant is killed almost every day. We are constantly seeing new attacks on them. Not a day goes by without refugees being deprived of their rights. This racist policy towards them must stop. Migrants should have full and equal rights in the countries in which they live.”

The statement added: “We know who is responsible for these crimes against refugees. It is the state’s policy that incites anti-refugee attitudes in society. We ask once again: How many refugees will have to die before this policy is finally abandoned?

The Migration Policy Commission of the HDP reiterates our desire to live together and point out that the right to asylum is a fundamental human right. We will investigate these murders."