HDP co-chair: Palestine turned into propaganda material in Turkey

HDP co-chair called on AKP to end commercial agreement with Israel.

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Co-Chair Sezai Temelli spoke at the last group meeting of the party before the 24 June elections.

Temelli began his remarks by condemning the Israeli government. “Jerusalem is a peace city - said Temelli - where Islam, Christianity and Judaism have been co-existing throughout history. But today it seems that the Israeli government has turned Jerusalem into a city of war. It is time to stop this. All peoples of the Middle East are under the same tyranny, under the tyranny of power”.

Temelli said that “Today we are standing by the Palestinian people. Many times we have seen the repression of the Palestinian people, of the Kurdish people. Take Afrin, take Eastern Ghuta. To end this map of war and oppression of people, we need to carry on a common struggle for peace”.

HDP co-chair added: “Today, again, the Jerusalem affair came to the front. Palestine was on the agenda. The same mentality. It is not solidarity with the Palestinian people [what the AKP government is showing], it is using this issue politically, turning it into propaganda material for the coming elections. Because what we see happening now with Palestine, we have seen it happening with Afrin, Sur, Cizre. We see that Palestine is being turned into propaganda material. The AKP forgot about the Mavi (Blue) Marmara, about the agreements it made with the Israeli government and yet it calls for rallies at Yenikapi. If you want to stand side by side with the Palestinian people, let's end this commercial, political and military deals with Israel. Let's end all these deals together, Parliament. Shall we cancel them now? No. They don’t speak about these. What you are doing against the Kurdish people, the Israeli government is doing against the Palestinian people. When you are part of the problem in these lands, you cannot produce a solution. And yes, indeed, you are part of the problem”.

Last parliamentary meeting

Temelli reminded that the Assembly will end this week, before the elections on 24 June. “We shall see - he said - what will be the scenery after 24 June and after 8 July. We will not allow this institutionalised fascism to go on. This election is about deciding the future of this country”.

Temelli said that the address to go to in order to solve the country’s problems is the HDP.

"We will talk about our program in the next 40 days going everywhere. We will not make empty promises, because this program was decided together with the people, women, laborers, artisans, farmers, students”.

Temelli insisted on the need “for a transition program which will allow the writing of a democratic constitution to be achieved through participation. Selahattin Demirtas is our presidential candidate - added the HDP co-chair - and he will be defending this program”.

Reiterating the party commitment to work non stop until 24 June, Temelli said that “everyone has a role to play to make sure the dream of a new democratic Turkey comes true”.