HDP activist Ezgi Orak abducted in Ankara released from custody

HDP activist Ezgi Orak, who was kidnapped by police in Ankara on Wednesday, has been released.

Ezgi Orak, who was abducted by the police in Ankara, has been released. On Sunday, the student was allowed to leave the anti-terror center. Two other women who had been arrested in the same case were also released.

Ezgi Orak is an activist of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Youth Council. Last Wednesday, she was kidnapped in the Çankaya district of the Turkish capital Ankara in the open street by plainclothes police officers. For hours, they said she was not in custody and that the license plate of the vehicle she was forcibly dragged into was fake. It was only when the incident sparked massive protest on digital networks that the anti-terror police contacted the Libertarian Lawyers' Association (ÖHD) and announced the arrest.

However, it is still unclear why Ezgi Orak is being investigated. The student's legal counsel has still not been given access to the files. It is assumed that so-called terror charges are being used. It is only known that Orak was taken to her former shared apartment after her arrest. The accommodation had been meticulously searched, although she has not been registered there for some time and lives in a dormitory. In addition, a computer was confiscated in the shared apartment, which is said to belong not to Orak but to another person. The ÖHD has announced that it will comment on the case in the near future.