HDK: We have a strong declaration, we should walk together

HDK co-spokesperson Cengiz Çiçek described the HDP's declaration as “an attitude” and said, “We have a strong declaration before us, and we should walk this path together.”

Earlier today, the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) announced its declaration titled “Call for Democracy, Justice, Peace” which includes a road map for the party and solution perspectives to Turkey’s fundamental problems.

Peoples' Democratic Congress (HDK) co-spokesperson Cengiz Çiçek spoke about the declaration and said that the HDP has demonstrated its stance on building a democratic republic. “The HDP does not discuss any issue over individuals or some parties. The party deals with people’s identities based on principles, social and political truths. For example, how do the Kurdish people approach the issue of Kurdish peace? How do the Kurdish people approach the resolution issue? Nobody is asking. This is the main point of the declaration,” he said.


“This declaration is an attitude about the eradication of truth, the oppressed identities, and the real solution of the issue,” Çiçek said and continued, “Some are trying to erase our memory, to distort our consciousness, and to break the social and organizational integrity of us who are fighting for democracy and freedom. We will insist on an organized, social struggle for the politicization of society and the socialization of politics. It is an answer to the recent debates. It is a concrete manifestation of the HDP's great, persistent and determined march in the struggle for social freedom, democracy and justice.”


Çiçek also addressed the other opposition parties, saying, “Our declaration is a call to those whose real concern is the democratization of the republic. The truth should prevail. If you take care of the common interest of the country, not the narrow party interest, all kinds of long-time problems will be solved. Society has produced solutions in its own history, memory and life. Politics makes issues more complicated and leads to alienation and polarization. Do you want to win? Then you will first need a perspective to solve problems in the social field. As long as the social struggle is not enlarged and enhanced, as long as popular involvement is not promoted, we will remain stuck in a deadlock. That's why we have a strong declaration before us, and we should walk this path together.”