HBDH Kurdistan Committee carries out sabotage action in Batman

HBDH Kurdistan Committee announced that as part of the "Martyr Sinan Dersim Revolutionary Revenge Campaign", a sabotage action was carried out against the shop in Batman.

The Peoples' United Revolutionary Movement (HBDH) Kurdistan Committee said in a written statement: “Within the framework of the Martyr Sinan Dersim Revolutionary Revenge Campaign, which we started as HBDH Kurdistan committee, on 27 May 2021, we targeted a shop in Batman belonging to a AKP regime supporter and carried out a sabotage action.

As a result of the action, the shop and its contents were destroyed.

The owner of the shop supports the fascist Turkish state in the region and commits a great crime against his own people by acting as an informer in all democratic and opposition actions at every opportunity. The fascist Turkish state uses all the dirty methods to to spy on the society.”

The statement continued: “This type of agent makes the greatest progress through people, structures and institutions. Our action was carried out in memory of all May martyrs in the person of Comrade Kasım Engin, within the framework of the Martyr Sinan Dersim Revenge Movement.”