HBDH:Armenian and Azerbaijani people have no interest in this war

"We, as the People’s United Revolutionary Movement, will not forgive any historical or current attacks against our Armenian people and we will call them to account," said the HBDH.

In a written statement about the conflict in Karabakh, Peoples' United Revolutionary Movement (HBDH) stated that “Neo-Ottomanism” constitutes the ideological infrastructure of the fascist Turkish state's strategic goal of becoming a regional hegemonic power.

The HBDH statement includes the following:

“The fascist rule is the administrative apparatus for the implementation of this strategy. It is based upon two features; the first is to prevent and crush the revolutionary uprising of the peoples, the second is to create new areas of exploitation and occupation regionally. The plan which relies on these two grounds is at the center of all the policies of the fascist Turkish state "inside" and "outside".

Creating colonial areas based on capital exports is now history. War export replaced capital export. All international law introduced under the conditions of the balance of the cold war era has become meaningless.

That is, on the one hand, a mode of production that has turned into a war industry as a way of becoming a regional power, and on the other hand, the deepening of the crisis of capitalism both as a cause and as a result of this.


The fascist Turkish state did not achieve the desired results In Syria in its step taken for the distribution of the underground wealth of the Mediterranean, although it made a certain progress in its settlement plans in Libya. Fascist chief Erdogan is now attacking Armenia by joining Azerbaijan on behalf of Azerbaijan's survival.

Aliyev wants Karabakh by force. The Turkish state is joining this attack with the jihadist gangs it recruited during the invasion attacks in Syria and Rojava, and with its direct-ranking soldiers and war equipment.

US will want to improve its sphere of influence in Caucasus via Turkey to limit Russia’s influence and to stop Iran while Russia, although being a member of NATO, will not renounce Turkish State which is an ally of Russia. Peoples have no value for the imperialist states and their regional extensions. For them, regions have a geostrategic meaning.

Our Armenian and Azerbaijani peoples have no benefit in this new war. They must refuse to participate this war initiated by their reactionary states. They should struggle to make Karabakh to be a homeland where our Armenian and Azerbaijani people can live together.

The current duty against the AKP-MHP fascist government, which realizes its survival by sowing seeds of hatred, dividing, shattering and destroying the peoples, is to raise the brotherhood and solidarity between the peoples. To organize the united resistance of Turkish, Kurdish, Armenian, Azerbaijani peoples.

It is a priority to take action against racist fascist attacks against our Armenian people and to be a barricade against these attacks. The attacks on the neighborhoods where our Armenian people live and on the values of our Armenian people will not be tolerated at all!

We, as the People’s United Revolutionary Movement, will not forgive any historical or current attacks against our Armenian people and we will call them to account.

The united struggle, revolutionary practices and high internationalist attitudes of Paramaz, Hrant Dink and Nubar Ozanian are our path.”