Guerrilla Pelşîn speaks about recent victories in Zap

Guerrilla Pelşîn from the Zap front said that they have "penetrated the enemy positions and launched the attack before the occupiers noticed us. At every moment we thought of our fallen comrades."

The Kurdish guerrillas have carried out several offensives against the Turkish occupying forces in South Kurdistan (northern Iraq) in recent months. Most recently, a base camp in the Girê Cûdî resistance area in the Zap region was stormed and the previously occupied area was recaptured. Many soldiers died in the large-scale attacks. The operation on 12 January in the Girê Amêdî resistance area alone, named after the fallen guerrilla Helmet from Dêreluk, resulted in the deaths of more than 60 Turkish soldiers. Turkey admitted only a fraction of its losses, concealing the real number. The online portal Gerîla TV recently published a seventy-minute video documentary of the operation.

Guerrilla Pelşîn from the Free Women's Troops (YJA Star) who took part in the operation spoke about the fear of the soldiers as well as her fallen comrades, Serxwebûn and Rizgar.

Pelşîn said: "The revolutionary operation that we carried out in the name of Şehîd Helmet Dêreluk was an action of revenge. We have dedicated this campaign to Rêber Apo (Leader Abdullah Öcalan), our people and all our fallen friends. It took place in winter under difficult conditions. However, difficult circumstances are not an obstacle for us. We fight with the strength that we receive from Rêber Apo and, for this reason, we do not accept obstacles. During the operation, the Turkish soldiers no longer knew what to do because they were afraid. They were completely confused. It was a hard blow for the enemy. The Turkish state may get strength from America and deceive itself, but we get our strength from Rêber Apo and our people and fight with it. The offensive we have initiated continues uninterrupted. We will continue our actions until the gates of Imrali open and our land is liberated from the occupiers."

The guerrilla continued: "We started the operation with great morale. We penetrated the enemy positions and launched the attack before the occupiers noticed us. At every moment, we thought of our fallen comrades. The Turkish state is making propaganda all over the world with its strong army, but we have seen with our own eyes that the enemy's soldiers cannot fight. They panicked and didn't know which direction to flee. Turkey has the second-largest NATO army and the state boasts of it 24 hours a day, but the soldiers can not defend themselves. In the war zone, it has once again been shown who can fight and who cannot. It is not so easy to enter and stay in Kurdistan."

We will never give up our fight for freedom

HPG guerrillas Serxwebûn Serhed and Rizgar Çavreş formed the vanguard of the operation against the Turkish occupying forces on Girê Amêdî and fell as martyrs in that operation. Guerrilla Pelşîn said about them: "I am very fortunate to have companions like Rizgar and Serxwebûn. To fight shoulder to shoulder with such comrades is a great honor. I didn't know Comrade Serxwebûn for long, but he had such a strong personality that within a short time it became clear what kind of person he was. His dream was a free life with Rêber Apo in Kurdistan. He was very close to his comrades and cared about everyone. He represented the Apoist philosophy and ideology. With his self-sacrificing attitude, he left behind a great legacy of resistance.

With the same spirit of resilience, Comrade Rizgar had taken on an important role and mission in the fight. During the war he offered unreserved resistance against the enemy. When he was by your side, he made you feel like there was an entire army behind you. He gave us strength and morale. His energy infected everyone. We will fight to do justice to our martyrs. As long as there are heroes like Serxwebûn and Rizgar in this land, we will never give up our fight for freedom."