Germany seeks to extradite Kurdish refugee to Turkey

Sekvan Tangüner, a Kurdish refugee with a warrant for his arrest in Turkey, was detained by Bavarian police. Tangüner was taken to court, and he will reportedly be extradited until 2 May.

The German state's pressure on Kurdish refugees continues. Sekvan Tangüner, who was forced to seek asylum in Germany in 2019 due to ongoing investigations in Turkey, is wanted to be extradited.

Tangüner, who faces a warrant for his arrest in Turkey, was detained by Bavarian police the previous night. Having arrived in Germany in 2019, Tangüner had to go to Switzerland because his asylum request was not accepted. His asylum request was also rejected in Switzerland, and he was returned to Germany in 2023.

The family of Tangüner called for solidarity against the intended extradition of their son.

Tangüner's family stated that Sekvan had a finalised sentence in Turkey and said: "Sekvan was imprisoned in Turkey for three and a half years and then released with a signature condition. He came to Germany in 2019 because of his prison sentence and ongoing investigations. But his asylum request was rejected. The previous night, the Bavarian police detained Sekvan and put him in prison. Sekvan was brought to court in Bavaria today and was told that he would be extradited until 2 May. However, they might extradite Sekvan to Turkey without waiting for this deadline. Sekvan faces a warrant for his arrest in Turkey."

Tangüner's family called on the German state to abandon the extradition decision.