German police chief with Turkish roots turns out to be MİT’s spy

A Chief Police Commissioner of Germany's federal state Hessen has been exposed to be a spy of the Turkish secret service MİT. The Chief Police Commissioner contacted MİT through the Turkish consulates in Frankfurt/Main and Mainz.

Activities of the Turkish intelligence service MİT in Germany have reached new heights. The secret service MİT of the AKP regime, which has woven an extensive network of espionage in Germany through its institution of religious affairs DİTİB, its consulates, proxy companies and Turkish banks, turned out to have infiltrated also the German police force.

According to the scandal that was reported on by the German newspaper "Welt am Sonntag", the Turkish-born Chief Police Commissioner of the German federal state Hessen has been in regular contact with MİT spies who are active in Germany.

In relation to the policewoman, whose name was not made public and whom the newspaper referred to as "Semra Melek", the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution for Hessen issued a secret report in December last year.

This report, titled "Extended security investigation", draws the focus on the connection of this Turkish policewoman with the Turkish secret service. The named report on this policewoman, who was born in Ankara, has been submitted to the Federal Ministry of the Interior.


Chief of Hessen Police Headquarters Sabine Thurau and President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution for Hessen State Robert Schäfer came into play afterwards and demanded the exclusion of the negative entries on the Turkish policewoman from the report.

However the units that prepared the report did not let up on the Turkish policewoman and wrote another report. As a result the spying policewoman has been removed from office. An anonymous source told the newspaper following: "It is evident that due to the fact that this police officer is a woman, she underwent a positive treatment that led to a cover up of her true role."

The Turkish-born Police Commissioner who was named as Semra Melek, is said to have held meetings with officials from the Turkish secret service MİT in the cities Frankfurt/Main and Mainz.


It has recently come to light that MİT attempted to infiltrate German intelligence through job applicants at the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution. The office had opened up some positions, and in the interviews many Turkish-speaking candidates “stood out”.

The German intelligence official who spoke to daily newspaper Die Welt said they considered the possibility of the applicants having relations to the MİT and rejected their applications.

The MİT had attempted to infiltrate German police and intelligence through Turkish interpreters before, and many interpreters were exposed and laid off.