German MP says Paris killings must be reinvestigated

“Pekin's remarks are an important confession on this issue, which should lead to a renewal of the case", said German Left Party deputy Ulla Jelpke.

Following the confession of the former head of the General Staff's intelligence department, Ismail Hakkı Pekin in a television broadcast that the triple murder of Kurdish women revolutionaries in Paris in 2013 were a state operation, German Left Party deputy Ulla Jelpke said, "The massacre must be investigated again and Germany must put Kurdish politicians under police protection".

Former head of General Staff’s Intelligence Department Ismail Hakki Pekin said in a television broadcast in Turkey that there must be targeted liquidations of KCK leaders not only in Qandil but also in Europe.

Following the remarks of Pekin, German Left Party federal parliamentarian Ulla Jelpke appealed to France and Germany.


Jelpke had submitted several parliamentary questions to the Federal Assembly about the January 9 Paris massacre and the activities and the assassination preparations of the National Intelligence Organization (MIT) of Turkey in Germany.

Jelpke told ANF that state terrorism is a part of the Erdogan regime. “Pekin's remarks are an important confession on this issue, which should lead to a renewal of the case", she said.


The life safety of Kurdish politicians in Germany is in jeopardy, said Jelpke adding that the federal German government also has a huge responsibility. The Left Party Internal Affairs Spokeswoman called out to the federal government under Angela Merkel:

“The federal government must take these words seriously and protect the Kurds who live and carry out political work in Germany. Germany will thus send an important message to the Erdogan regime. The best answer to Turkish threats would be to lift the ban on the PKK. "