German government to be protested in Berlin on November 14

A rally is to be held in Berlin on November 14 against Germany’s ban on Kurdish symbols. Berlin Democracy and Freedom Platform said, “Fascism can’t pass, No Pasaran! We are calling on the German government to return to democratic values.”

Berlin Democracy and Freedom Platform issued a written statement and said Germany’s government doesn’t only support Erdoğan’s policies in the economic, political and military areas but also increases and intensifies pressure against Kurdish institutions.

“They want to criminalize Kurdish institutions and the freedom movement active in Germany with policies of prohibition. Through new methods, the right to organize and fundamental human rights are being violated for over a million Kurds who live in Germany. They are banning the fundamental right to water, and books and CDs in the marches and rallies. The fundamental articles in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are being violated when posters of Mr. Öcalan, leader and pride of millions, are not allowed on the demonstrations,” said the statement and stated that the freedom of Öcalan, who has been accepted as their leader for the people of Kurdistan, Turkey’s democrats and diverse identities and faiths in the Middle East, is their freedom.

The statement said: “Defending Öcalan is the measure for being human, a democrat, a progressive, an egalitarian. Mr. Öcalan is the creator of the philosophy of differences living together freely and equally, carrying his photographs and the flags of YPG and YPJ, who have become the saviors of humanity with their fight against ISIS, is our pride. A people defending their own symbols is a measure of having dignity. Protecting these values is a humanitarian and a legal duty and right for us, and it is vital.

It is no coincidence that the photographs of Mr. Öcalan and Kurdish symbols are allowed in many other countries other than Turkey, but have been banned in Germany. These bans are part of the military and political support the Merkel government has offered Turkish governments for years, and currently offers the AKP-MHP fascism. These bans are violating fundamental rights for our people. We know that these bans are considered wrongful by the German people, intellectuals, NGOs and many politicians, and objected to because people are aware they are geared towards criminalizing Kurds. These repressive measures taken in line with the dirty political ties that serve nobody but the ISIS-minded Erdoğan also hurt democracy and the law.

The government, having a hard time implementing these repressive practices and policies, will hold a meeting in Berlin on November 14 to make these decrees even more unlawful to appease the AKP fascism further. We know that the Interior Ministers and relevant units will be attending this meeting that aims to increase the repressive policies against Kurdistanis and their allies in Germay.

We as democratic institutions from Kurdistan, Turkey and Germany will make our voice heard in the rally we are holding to turn back from and rectify these repressive measures that go against democracy and the law. We are calling on everybody to participate in the rally we are holding to make our voices heard loud and clear for the participants of this meeting.

We as diverse institutions from Kurdistan, Turkey and Germany are calling on our people and allies in Berlin and Northern Germany to participate in the rally we are holding with the slogan, ‘Freedom for Mr. Öcalan and All Political Prisoners, End the Ban on Kurdish Symbols!” We are calling on all democrats, progressives and patriots to join in the rally against bans and anti-democratic practices.

Fascism can’t pass, No Pasaran! We are calling on the German government to return to democratic values!”

Date and time for the march:

November 14, 2017

Rally between 13.00 and 16.00

Brandenburger Tor, Berlin