From Basel to Strasbourg: Freedom for Ocalan!

The Basel-Strasbourg marchers started the 6th day of their long march with great enthusiasm.

The 6th day has started in the long march from Basel to Strasbourg to protest the international plot against Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan on its 20th anniversary and to support the hunger strikes led by Leyla Guven.

Today’s route started from Selestad, France where marchers chanted “Freedom for Ocalan”, “Long live dungeon resistances” and “Leyla Guven is our honor”.

The activists pass out flyers drawing attention to the isolation and the hunger strikes in cities they pass through as Kurdistanis along their route join in at regular intervals.

The activists have walked 105 kilometers in 5 days. Today they aim to march for 26 kilometers and arrive in Erstein, France by the evening.

Getting closer to Strasbourg gives the activists more enthusiasm every day.