French New Anti-Capitalist Party: “Let's protect Rojava and stop Erdoğan”

The French New Anti-Capitalist Party released a statement concerning the invasion threats of the Turkish state and said, "Let's protect Rojava, let's stop Erdoğan."

The French New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA issued a written statement on Turkey’s invasion attacks and new invasion threats against North and East Syria.

“On the eve of the NATO summit in Madrid, the Turkish government openly announced its intentions by stating that it is ready to invade North Syria. While the blackmail concerning the war in Ukraine and the refugee problem remain as a major problem, Erdoğan hopes to get the green light for a total suppression of this democratic, feminist and egalitarian experience in the autonomous region of North and East Syria. His goal is indeed to eliminate any Kurdish expression, or even to carry out an ethnic cleansing in the region,” the statement said.


“And yet French diplomacy and even the presidency remain completely silent. The Syrian Democratic Forces have defeated the so-called Islamic State, but Turkey means NATO, the sole master of all Western diplomacy, especially since the invasion of Ukraine,” the statement noted.

“As for the Russians, who in principle control west of the Euphrates, they are also negotiating with Turkey and are very busy in Ukraine.

Therefore, Rojava is alone facing an imminent threat. If Erdoğan is not stopped, the heroism of the SDF fighters may not be able to stop the invasion.

We must do everything to prevent this massacre and to support the peoples of the region and the Kurdish organizations that should be removed from the EU's list of terrorist organisations. Let's protect Rojava, let's stop Erdoğan.”