French MPs visit Rojava

Two MPs from the movement La France Insoumise led by former French President Jean Luc Melenchon held a solidarity visit to Rojava.

Grigny Deputy Mayor Pascal Troadec and Leftist French MPs Danièle Obono and Mathilde Panot held a visit to the Northern and Eastern Syrian Federation on Monday.

The French committee was greeted by local authorities and visited a camp where Yazidis live.

Obono spoke to the AFP during the Amude visit and said, “We are here to show support and solidarity for the people of Rojava.”

Obono pointed to the Turkish state’s threats of invasion and added: “There are great concerns about the Turkish state launching an intervention and attacking the region.”

Obono said they will be sharing this concern with the French government and added that the government is already aware of the fact.