'Freedom for Öcalan' demonstration in Stockholm

Protestors condemn the Turkish state and demand Öcalan's freedom in Stockholm on the second day of their protest on the 18th anniversary of February 15 conspiracy.

Hundreds of protestors started a march from Arlanda Airport to capital Stockholm around 10:00 yesterday in protest at the February 15, 1999's international conspiracy against Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan on its 18th anniversary. The protestors spent the night in Sollantuna from where they resumed the second stage of the march this morning.

Wearing yellow jackets with “Free Öcalan” writing and Öcalan's photo on them, the protestors are chanting "Öcalan is the people, we are the people", "Our country is Kurdistan, our party PKK and our leader Öcalan", "Long Live Leader Apo", "With life, with blood, we are with you Öcalan" and "Women, Life, Freedom".

The march will end with a rally at Strasbourg's Sergel Square this evening.