Fourth phase of the Wrath of Euphrates relaunched after 15 days

Fourth phase in the Operation Wrath of Euphrates by YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has been relaunched after a 15-day suspension.

Wrath of Euphrates Operation Room made a press statement announcing the relaunch of the fourth phase of the campaign after a 15-day suspension.

Accordingly, SDF forces resumed their progress at 18:00 on May 9th, advanced 7 km and liberated the villages of al-Jalai and Mayselum and surrounding hamlets.

The declaration said that all the villages around the Raqqa city will be liberated and preparations will be made for the liberation of the city during this campaign when SDF will consolidate the siege on ISIS positions and make advances on the city from the surroundings.

The press statement continued;

"Despite futile terror attack attempts and Erdoğan's efforts to obstruct YPG with attacks from behind, our forces responded to the attacks. We emphasize that the created obstacles and devious attacks did not break but on the contrary strengthened our will and determination in the fight against terror. The recent days have offered us an opportunity to concentrate more fighters and prepare for battle. We reiterate that we have the will and power to achieve the forthcoming victory, and that we will continue the struggle waged by our heroic fighters and comrades such as Rüstem Efrin.

We hereby salute our people that back our forces and stand against terrorists, and call on them to act carefully, to stay well clear of the enemy's positions and reach safe zones in order for rescue efforts to be expedited.

We promise that we will act with all our power for the safety and peace of civilians. We also salute the commanders and fighters of all the groups participating in the campaign, and wish them success.

We thank the International Coalition that stand with our forces and deliver blow against the gangs with aerial and ground operations.

Despite all the obstructions and counter efforts, our determination and commitment to clear all the lands of the country will not end."

The Operation Wrath of Euphrates was launched in November 2016. On March 21, a new offensive was started with air-drops in Tabqa region for the liberation of the Tabqa town and the Euphrates Dam. A larger part of the town was taken under control in a short period of time and it is about to be liberated fully soon. The fourth phase of the operation was launched on April 13, since when tens of thousands of civilians have been rescued from ISIS occupation. The final phase of the military campaign is aimed for the liberation of the Raqqa city.