Four more neighborhoods liberated in Raqqa

SDF fighters have liberated Kurdan, Bedû, Sexanî and Methene neighborhoods of Raqqa following fierce clashes with ISIS gangs. The number of neighborhoods liberated today thus rose to 6.

Fighters of the YPG/YPJ-led Syrian Democratic Forces continue their advance against ISIS in the final phase of the campaign to liberate Raqqa, which was launched yesterday and named after ‘Martyr Adnan Abu Amjad’.

After clearing the neighborhoods of Andalus and Matar earlier today, SDF fighters have liberated the neighborhoods of Kurdan, Bedû, Sexanî and Methene on Monday amid ongoing violent clashes with ISIS gangs.

Speaking to ANHA about the advances, spokesperson for the operation, Cihan Sheikh Ehmed stated that; “Our fighters have achieved major successes today and liberated all the remaining neighborhoods from ISIS occupation. The gangs have only Weteni Hospital, Neim Crossing and Stadium left under their control. These areas are also surrounded and our forces will have liberated them by tomorrow.”