Family of YPG English martyr writes to PM Johnson: Stop Turkey!

The Scurfield family was accompanied by Dirk Campbell, the father of YPG fighter Anna Campbell (Hêlîn Qzemeox), who fell martyr in March 2018.

The parents of YPG internationalist martyr Eric Constandinou Scurfield (Kemal), who lost his life on 2 March 2015 brought a letter to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson asking him to stop the invasion of Rojava carried out by Turkey.

The Scurfield family, who presented the letter to the Prime Minister's Office on Downing Street, was accompanied by Dirk Campbell, the father of YPG fighter Anna Campbell (Hêlîn Qzemeox), who fell martyr on 15 March 2018.

The Scurfield family told PM Johnson that their son was the first British citizen to fall martyr in Rojava.

"Our son, Eric, fought with the SDG and the Kurdish forces for all the values ​​shared by the West, such as human rights, freedom of religion and expression, and gender equality. Erik and 7 British citizens and more than ten thousand Kurds, Assyrians, Arabs and Yazidi volunteers also fought for these values ​​and lost their lives for the future of the people living in Northern Syria."

The letter underlined that "The peace and democracy environment provided by Kurds and internationalists in the target of the Turkish occupation."

The letter also underlined the war crimes of the Turkish state and the massacre and shelling of civilians, the use of chemical weapons.

The Scurfiled family called on the government to take "effective action against Turkey" and underlined that so far "the UK government's reluctance on this issue was sad and embarrassing."

The letter also asked Boris Johnson and his government "to stop investigating YPG British internationalists and act to stop Erdogan's war crimes."

The letter listed some requests for the British government to act on: "End the occupation of Afrin; make sure that the people who have to leave their land can return safely; close the airspace to the Turkish state; create a UN-led security zone and deploy a UN Peacekeeping force; recognize the political status of Rojava; impose sanctions on companies engaged in arms trade with Turkey; stop investigations against Rojava volunteers and families."