Êzidîs marching to Brussels for Shengal cover 185 km in eight days

The “Status for Shengal” march from Dusseldorf to Brussels launched by the Êzidî organizations in Europe continues in its 8th day and will end with a rally in Brussels today afternoon.

Êzidîs in Europe started a march from the NRW State Parliament in Dusseldorf, Germany to Brussels on March 20 in order to protest the AKP-KDP's attacks on Shengal and demand the recognition of Shengal's political status. During the past eight days, Êzidîs marched through Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium. Protestors are carrying posters of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, Êzidî Federation flags, and banners that protest the KDP and the AKP, and have covered a distance of 185 kilometers in eight days so far.

Participants include artists and women who continue their march with a high morale, singing songs and Kurdish ballads stran throughout their route.

The march will end today after a total of 195 kilometer distance covered by the participants. The Êzidî protestors will submit a file that includes their demands to European Union officials after the rally they will hold in front of the Council of Europe building in Brussels at 15:00.