Êzidîs in Europe organise a sit-in and long march against KDP's betrayal

Êzidî organisations in Europe called for participation in the protests they organise against betrayal and the KDP-AKP's attacks on Shengal, and vowed to stand with their people in Shengal.

Shengal Assembly in Europe, Êzidî Assembly in Europe, and Êzidî Federation in Europe issued a joint written statement and gave the message "we will stand against betrayal and stand with our people in Shengal."

In their statement, Shengal Assembly in Europe, Êzidî Assembly in Europe, and Êzidî Federation in Europe, which are the three biggest Êzidî organizations in Europe, said "Betrayal is the biggest foothold of colonialism in Kurdistan. Kurds would be free today, Kurdish youth would not have been massacred brutally, and Kurdish women would not have been kidnapped and sold in Arab-Turkish-Persian markets in the Middle East today if they had not been betrayed. KDP's betrayal is such a betrayal, a Trojan horse that is a wound in the heart of Kurds, and a rusty dagger ready to stab Kurds in the back."

Drawing attention to the most recent attack on Shengal, Êzidî organizations said "The martyrdom of 2 HPG and 5 YBŞ fighters during the latest attack paramilitary gang groups formed by the Turkish state carried out on Shengal is the most concrete example of this betrayal. The weapons that European states gave for the fight against ISIS were used against Êzidîs and they wanted to put our people through a massacre once again. We condemn the KDP administration for this attack and call upon Kurdish people in general, and Êzidîs in particular, to stand up against this betrayal."

Êzidî organizations shared the following information on the protests that will be organized all across Europe:

“As the Êzidî organizations in Europe, we state that we will stand firmly against this betrayal, stand with our people in Shengal, and do everything that is necessary for this purpose. We will protect Shengal and Laleş, the holy places of our people, Tawûsê the Angel and Zerdesht, against colonialism and betrayal at all costs.

Our main place for this is Shengal, the land of Dewrêşê Evdî, not Europe. We will resist in Europe too. We will launch an indefinite sit-in in front of the Berlin state parliament on March 13, 2017.

We will also organize a long march from Dusseldorf to the European Parliament in Brussels between March 20 and 27.

We will hold mass protests in front of the KDP bureaus in Paris, Stockholm, Canada, Greece, the US and Brussels on March 13.

We call upon our people, particularly Êzidîs, to participate in these protests and stand up firmly against the betrayal in order to prevent another massacre against our people."