Everything in Ceylanpınar case is a lie: Fingerprints don’t match

The fingerprints taken from the house the two policemen were killed in Ceylanpınar and the fingerprints of the 9 suspects on trial don’t match. Statements throughout the trial procedures have been inconsistent and the report turned out to be false.

Policemen Feyyaz Yumuşak and Okan Acar were shot in the head and killed in their home in Urfa on July 22, after the Suruç Massacre on July 20, 2015. The murder was committed with a gun fitted with a muffler. AKP used this incident as an excuse when they ended the peace process.


According to daily newspaper Evrensel’s report, there are 4 suspects with and 5 without arrest in the case heard in Urfa High Criminal Court No:2. Interesting details have emerged in the 4th hearing.

On March 10, 2017, the police sent to the court the crime scene investigation report for the house the policemen died in. Fingerprints from the 9 suspects on trial were cross referenced with the fingerprints found in the house.

The report states that the suspects’ fingerprints don’t match those found in the scene. The alleged perpetrator Ö.K.’s fingerprints had been found in the empty apartment next door. Ö.K. said his friend M.A. rented the apartment to live in after he got married and they went to the apartment together a week before the wedding. Ö.K., his friend M.A. and M.A.’s brother L.A. were held in prison for a long time until they were released on November 8, 2016. Alleged accessories to the murder, M.C.Y., Sedat A., Hüseyin A. and Hasan A. are still under arrest.


Discrepancies in statements given by E.G. and M.D., the police officers who were with one of the murdered policemen Okan Acar one day before the incident had emerged in the case.

E.G.’s roommate M.D. said in his statement that he learned of the incident from E.G. at 8.40 in the morning and added: “Our shift is supposed to start at 9.00, but my roommate police officer E.G. started running around the apartment hurriedly that morning at around 8.40. When I asked him what happened, he said the late Okan and Feyyaz had committed suicide.”

In his statement on January 2, E.G. had not mentioned M.D. at all and gave a third police officer’s name as his roommate. E.G. was taken in for questioning on June 25, 2015 and he said a friend of his called on July 22 at 10.05 and told him to “come to Okan’s place”, and while he was waiting by the building the shopkeeper downstairs told him the two officers had committed suicide.

E.G. said he went to the scene afterwards. In E.G.’s statements in the Anti-terror Unit and in the court, it was significant that he didn’t mention his roommate M.D. at all.

And the report that resulted in the arrest of 7 suspects turned out to be false. The alleged reporter T.B.’s statement in court was: “10 phone lines were issued in my name using my private information, I never used the number in question and I didn’t make the report in question.”

19 police officers involved in the police inquiry and the first judge during the investigation phase were removed from duty after the July 15 coup attempt.

A witness from the neighborhood had given a statement saying the two murdered police officers had come home with two of their friends the night before.