Europe-wide demonstrations for Öcalan

Demonstrations and rallies calling for solidarity with hunger-striking prisoners in Turkey have taken place in dozens of European cities under the slogan "Time for Freedom".

The hunger strike of political prisoners in Turkey against the isolation of Abdullah Öcalan and the inhumane prison conditions has continued for 59 days. Kurds living in Europe took to the streets on Saturday to show solidarity with the prisoners and demand freedom. Rallies and demonstrations took place in numerous cities in Germany, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Austria.


In Düsseldorf, the women's umbrella organization YJK-E promoted a demonstration under the slogan "No to fascism and occupation, time for freedom". The demonstration began at Corneliusplatz Square. The front banner read "Freedom for Öcalan," followed by a banner with an Öcalan quote: "The measure of freedom in a society is determined by the measure of freedom of women." Another banner demanded, "Break the silence - solidarity with the hunger-striking prisoners!"

The march to the main train station was followed by a final rally, where several speeches were held, among others by the HDP representative Leyla Imret and by Ayten Dersim on behalf of the Kurdish association FED-MED. Further statements were made by the People's Council of Tamil Eelam and the women's movement TEKO-JIN.


A rally took place in front of the Europa-Galerie in Saarbrucken.


In Stuttgart, the cultural movement TEV-ÇAND organized a rally. The participants then went united to another rally on Königstraße, which was organized by AGIF.


A rally organized by Nuda Women's Council took place on the square of the old synagogue in Freiburg.


In Frankfurt, a demonstration from the main train station to Goetheplatz Square demanded freedom for Abdullah Öcalan.


Another demonstration took place in Aurich where masses took to the streets and expressed their solidarity with the political prisoners on hunger strike and their demands.