Erling Folkvord laid to rest in Oslo

The KCK Executive Council co-presidency sent a message to the farewell ceremony held for Erling Folkvord in Oslo, saying that his "struggle for democracy and justice will never be forgotten."

Erling Folkvord was a Norwegian friend of the Kurds. He passed away on 1 March in Stockholm. A farewell ceremony was held in Oslo.

His family and friends made speeches accompanied by Kurdish music and messages. Among the messages was that from the KCK Executive Council co-presidency. The message said: "Erling had an important place in the hearts of the Kurds. His struggle for democracy and justice will never be forgotten."

Speaking on behalf of the Norwegian Democratic Kurdish Community Council, Endam Eziz said: “Erling laid the foundation of the work carried out for the Kurds in Norway. He reflected what he saw in Kurdistan, which he visited many times, in his works."

After the speeches, Folkvord was laid to rest.