Erdogan threatens the world over the Kurds in the UN

Donald Trump’s harsh comments on Iran, North Korea and various other countries marked the 73rd General Assembly of the UN, while the Turkish President was seen chatting and making propaganda to soften the relationship with the US.

As the 73rd General Assembly of the UN started, Secretary General Antonio Guerres gave a speech followed by speeches by various leaders.

Donald Trump was expected to give a speech due to the trade wars he launched with several countries and the tensions about nuclear power in North Korea and Iran. Trump pointed out the foreign trade deficit with China and other countries, and argued that a foreign trade deficit of 800 billion dollars can’t be sustained.

Turkish President Erdogan’s speech stood out with threats once again. Erdogan argued that the world has left Turkey alone with the refugees and repeated the lie that they provided aid for millions in the region, ignoring the hundreds of thousands of people forced out of Afrin after they occupied the city.

Erdogan didn’t hide his goals to invade all areas under SDF and YPG control including Manbij, and repeated his threat that there will be a “cleansing” up to the Iraqi border.

Erdogan alleged once again that the world “supports terrorism” over the Kurds and threatened the rest of the world. Referring to the US, Erdogan said: “Those who filled tens of thousands of trailers and thousands of cargo planes for tactical interests will definitely suffer for that in the future.” There have been various ISIS attacks immediately after Erdogan made such comments in recent years.


The Erdogan government tries to explain the financial crisis of the last two months with just the crisis with the US over Pastor Brunson’s arrest, and they are trying very hard to get a meeting with Trump. Due to their back to back speeches, Trump and Erdogan were only able to chat in passing.

Erdogan’s advisor Fahrettin Altun’s attempts to keep up appearances as he said the meeting was “warm and sincere” were not received well. It is known that the talk between Erdogan and Trump was very brief.

The AKP and Erdogan have attempted to soften the relationship with the US over the Pastor Brunson crisis and will be holding a meeting in Washingon to that end.