Erdoğan threatens Macron

Turkish President Erdoğan threatened French President Emmanuel Macron who received a committee from Rojava.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan threatened French President Emmanuel Macron who received a committee from Rojava.

Erdoğan spoke in the Expanded Provincial Chairs Meeting in the headquarters of his party and pointed out his previous meeting with Macron.


Erdoğan said, “I met with Macron, I saw he was saying some odd things the other day. When he said odd things, we had to tell him as well, although the frequency was a little high. Because nobody can dare put our armed forces to a place where we can never accept.”

Turkish President Erdoğan didn’t give any details on the content of the meeting or what the “odd things” were.

The latest known phone call between Erdoğan and Macron had happened after the ISIS attack in Trebes, France which resulted in the death of 4 people. In the statement issued by the Elysée Palace after this talk said they spoke about “France’s concerns since the Turkish military intervention started in the Afrin Canton, the need for civilian populations to have full access to humanitarian aid, and the need to prioritize the fight against ISIS which is a matter of national security for France”.


Erdoğan issued a statement after Macron received the committee from Rojava and Northern Syria on Thursday and said: “Those who receive them once again at the highest level should know that this has no meaning but hostility against Turkey.”

Erdoğan threatened Macron by saying: “Now, ‘We guarantee support for the YPG’ - look at those words. If the comment that they could act as an intermediary between the SDF and Turkey is true, which he himself told the presidential spokespeople so they used this phrase, that is a statement that goes well above and beyond the scope of the person who said it. You know we have a saying, to be the groom and the bride. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.


It doesn’t appear as a coincidence that after most statements the Turkish state makes against any country in Europe, there are attacks in that exact country.

France’s Democratic Kurdish Council (CDK-F) had issued a written statement on March 24 and pointed out that the attack on March 23 in Trebes, France had taken place just one day after President Macron condemned the Afrin invasion during the Brussels summit.