Eleven people detained in 4 places

Eleven people detained in 4 places

Police in Turkey are continuing to detain people on the grounds that they joined demonstrations in protest at ISIS attacks.

11 people, including one minor, have been detained in Gevaş, Hınıs, Dersim and Elazığ, and 1 in Antalya. In the meantime 2 out of the 4 who were detained in the Derik district of Mardin yesterday have today been formally arrested.

Police raided houses early this morning in the Pınarbaşı (Matmanis) neighbourhood in the Gevaş district of Van. Breaking down the doors, police searched 5 houses. While the houses were ransacked, a 15 year- old, O.Y., was detained. Police said to the villagers “We will not allow you to live until we find Serkan”.

The detained child has been taken to the Gevaş Police Station.

Police launched house raids in the Hınıs district of Erzurum as well early this morning, detaining Cevdet Elma, Serhat Akduman, Bülent Akduman, Ayhan Deniz, Serkan Yılmaz and another person whose name has not yet been obtained. The detainees have been taken to the political bureau of the police in Hınıs.

It has been claimed that the raids were carried out because of the incidents that broke out after the police attacked a protest demonstration organized to condemn the attacks on Kobanê.

Police also raided simultaneously 8 houses in the neighbourhoods of Moğultay, Gazik (Cumhuriyet), Sihenk (Atatürk) and Yeni Mahalle in Dersim. While the houses were methodically searched, a person named Deniz Kazan was taken into custody. It has been reported that Kazan was detained on the grounds of “helping a terrorist organization”, “joining illegal demonstrations” and “damaging public property”.

Meanwhile, some houses in the İstasyon neighbourhood of the Ergani district of Amed were also raided early this morning. Following the searches in the houses, 3 young people, Mehmet Yıldız, Abdullah Duman and Remzi Yeşil, were taken under custody. The detained youths were first taken to Ergani Police Station and after making statements they were sent to the prosecutor’s office.

In the Derik district of Mardin, 4 people, including 2 children of the 7 people who were detained in an investigation launched by the Derik Public Prosecutor’s Office regarding the demonstrations held in protest at the attacks of ISIS on Kobanê, were arrested on the grounds of allegedly “being members of a terrorist organization”.

Of these 4 people, Ferat Önemli (27), Hamdullah Sayan (37) Ş. M.(17) and A.M.(16) were formally arrested by the court on the grounds of allegedly “being members of a terrorist organization” and were sent to prison.

While the official procedures for the 6 members of the SDP who were detained yesterday in Antalya for joining actions in protest at the attacks of ISIS, continue in the courthouse, SDP Executive Committee member Leyla Can has also been detained today. Can was detained while she was waiting for her comrades in front of the courthouse. Can has been reportedly taken to the central police station in Antalya.