Earthquake victims in Antep: No one has come to our aid

Even two days after the earthquakes in ten provinces in Turkey, whose epicentres were the districts of Pazarcik and Elbistan in the province of Maraş, there are settlements that no government aid has reached yet.

In the Güzelvadi neighborhood in Antep, some families have erected a makeshift tent on a playground in an attempt to cope with the challenging conditions in the wake of two devastating earthquakes on Monday.

Speaking to ANF, resident Halime Taştan stated that their situation is catastrophic, and that there is neither drinking water nor bread. "No one has come to our aid," said the woman, whose family consists of 15 people and needs at least a real tent.

Another woman, Meryem Xan, sits with her child on her lap in front of a self-constructed shelter. Xan comes from the northern Syrian region of Afrin, which was occupied by the Turkish state in 2018. She has been living in Antep for a few years.

"No help has arrived here," stated Xan, whose family has built a shack out of plastic bags and boards. "The children are still small, and we have nothing to eat. There is no drinking water either."