Dozens of actions to demand Freedom for Öcalan

Protest actions and demonstrations have taken place in at least 9 countries and 20 cities responding to the call of the KCDK-E Co-Presidency Council and the European Kurdish Women's Movement (TJK-E).

The actions were to condemn the 9 October 1988 international conspiracy against Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan and the isolation regime imposed on him in Imrali. 

Here the first list of cities were actions have taken place:


France's Paris-based Kurdish Democratic Council (CDK-F) and TJK-F organized a march and rally in the capital. The march left Republique Square and continued until Chatelet. 

Banners and slogans like “Killer Erdogan is responsible for the life of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan" and “Europe is collaborating with Erdoğan” were chanted all along.

Speaking at a rally in Chatelet, Berivan Firat, a member of the Kurdish women's movement in France, condemned the conspiracy and said: "You may have physically abducted Öcalan, but you will never jail his thoughts and opinions. We will step up the struggle in the four parts of Kurdistan”.


A rally was held in Liege, Belgium under the leadership of YJK-B and Nav-Bel.

At the rally, in Slambert Square, banners that demanded freedom for Öcalan were displayed.


Hundreds of people joined the action in Luisen Square in Darmstadt, Germany. The protesters marched from the square and then returned for the speeches the same square.


A protest action was held in the city of Saarbrücken in Germany. DKTA Co-Chairperson Dexil Ibrahim gave a speech condemning the isolation regime imposed on Öcalan and the war policies of the Turkish state.

In her speech, Susanne Aaulenbacher, speaking on behalf of the MLPD, demanded the end of the criminalization policy towards the Kurdish people in Europe. 

Qashem Agirman, speaking on behalf of the Yazidi women's movement TAJE, urged Yazidi women to demand loudly, everywhere, freedom for Öcalan.


Hundreds of people gathered in front of the Bremen train station, to protest against the isolation imposed on Öcalan. Police intervened threatening to seize posters of Öcalan saying they were forbidden. 

The people did not back down, and continued their demonstration carrying the posters. 


In Rome, Italy, a protest against the isolation imposed on Öcalan also took place. Kurds and Italians joined the march. The complicity of the European governments in the international conspiracy was underlined.