Dossier on the isolation of Abdullah Öcalan presented to Amnesty International in London

Activists in London submitted a dossier to Amnesty International on the absolute isolation of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan and called for action against isolation.

The Jiyan Women's Assembly and the Revolutionary Youth Movement staged a demonstration denouncing the absolute isolation of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan in front of the Amnesty International building in London. Human rights defender Margaret Owen also participated in the protest action.

Making a statement here, Berfin Dersim, member of the Jiyan Women's Assembly, criticised the inadequate reaction of the EU and the Council of Europe to the absolute isolation imposed by the fascist Turkish state on Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan in İmralı Island Prison, and said:  "Fearing the transformative potential of Öcalan's ideas, the authoritarian regime in Turkey has resorted to draconian measures to silence him, including prolonged isolation and systematic violations of his rights. The international community's response to Öcalan's plight has been inadequate, with organisations such as the Council of Europe and the European Union failing to hold Turkey accountable for gross human rights violations. Despite the acknowledgement of the fact that isolation is a form of torture, Öcalan continues to be denied access to legal representation and family visits, raising concerns for his safety and well-being".

Berfin Dersim stated that the absolute isolation of Abdullah Öcalan must end and his freedom must be ensured for a peaceful solution to the Kurdish question. She remarked that international organisations must take action against this absolute isolation, which is illegal and against human rights.

After the statement, the renowned human rights defender lawyer Margaret Owen and Agit Karataş, Foreign Affairs Representative of the Kurdish People's Assembly in Britain, wanted to deliver a letter to Amnesty International’s Turkey desk, calling for urgent research on the situation of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan and its announcement to the public.

Amnesty International staff agreed to the meeting behind bars on security grounds.

During the meeting, Amnesty International officials said that the organisation was aware of human rights violations in Turkey and that they had forwarded the letter of request concerning Abdullah Öcalan to the International Secretariat. The delegation of activists noted that the absolute incommunicado detention of Abdullah Öcalan had lasted for more than three years and criticised the lack of response against the Turkish state despite the recognition that this was 'torture'.

The Kurdish People's Assembly in Britain and the Jiyan Women's Assembly informed the officials of the bureau about Abdullah Öcalan's "incommunicado" detention ongoing for the last 4 years.

Making a statement after the meeting, Attorney Margaret Owen called on British society to show solidarity with the Kurdish people's struggle for freedom. In her speech, she stated that various international organisations, including the United Nations, should take a more supervisory and remedial role regarding the fact that Abdullah Öcalan has not been heard from for years.

In a statement on behalf of the delegation, Agit Karataş, Foreign Affairs Representative of the Kurdish People's Assembly in Britain, said the following: "If Amnesty International, as the world's foremost human rights organisation, claims its role and mission as the defender of universal human rights, it should put Turkey, where the highest number of political prisoners are sentenced to the most severe penalties in the world, on its special agenda.

The Kurdish Freedom Movement and its friends launched a global campaign in order for Abdullah Öcalan to take part in a new process as a leading actor and representative of the will through the breaking of the Imrali isolation system, which is the key mechanism in the political solution of the Kurdish question in Turkey and the Middle East. As part of the campaign, Kurds and their friends should organise continuous actions in front of international institutions. International institutions should be informed of every development in Turkey and Kurdistan and should be called upon to take action. As a people and a movement, the only power we rely on must be our self-will, and we must develop diplomatic traffic all over the world through social organization.

On the occasion of the 12th anniversary of the ‘Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan Vigil’, we salute all the actions held in European areas, and we call for the global ‘Freedom for Öcalan’ campaign to be embraced in a spirit of mobilisation in Britain and all areas."

The action ended with applause and slogans.