Distribution battles among occupation forces in al-Bab

Commander of al-Bab's military council, Jamal Abu Juma, said that the Turkish state wants to extend its rule in the region through its militias. These militias are engaged in distribution battles.

Jamal Abu Juma, Commander General of the Military Council of the northern Syrian city of al-Bab, spoke to the ANHA news agency on the situation in the region: "In Bab and the surrounding villages, battles are taking place every day between the gangs. The gangs are quarreling about the goods stolen from the people of the region and especially from the people of Efrîn. "

Regarding the policy of the Turkish state in al-Bab, Abu Juma said: "The Turkish state is putting pressure to change the demography of al-Bab's population. It consciously stirs up conflicts between the various groups. The militias exert pressure on the civilian population. Turkey wants to change the demography of the region and strengthen the control of militias across the region."

Abu Juma has documented the attacks on the civilian population by the Turkish state and the militias: "Within just one month, there have been seven clashes between the militias and the civilian population. Civilian people, including women and children, have been killed and dozens injured in these clashes."