‘Dialogue with Öcalan’ days in Stuttgart continue

Events continue all around the world following the call of the Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan Campaign Committee for participation in the Global Days of Events from 15 to 22 June 2024, "Dialogue with Öcalan – you can’t imprison ideas!"

The "Days of Dialogue" events organised by the Stuttgart Regional Council and the Foreign Affairs Committee continue. During the first two days of the three-day event, a stand was set up in front of the Baden-Württemberg Parliament and leaflets and flyers were distributed. In addition, a dossier was presented to the President of the Parliament.

Tomorrow, on the third and last day of the event, there will be dialogue between Kurdish youth and German youth in terms of leadership and book reading.

A stand will again be set up in front of the parliament to distribute files and leaflets, and the event will end with the presentation of a file to the parliamentary authorities.