Demos in Europe against Turkish occupation of NE Syria

Protests against the Turkish occupation attacks in Northern and Eastern Syria were held on Saturday in several cities in France, Germany, Britain and the Netherlands.

Several cities in France, Germany, Britain and the Netherlands protested the occupation of Northern and Eastern Syria carried out by Turkey.


A solidarity rally with Northern and Eastern Syria was held in Marseille. Activists gathered in Canabiere Square and held a minute silence in memory of the martyrs of the revolution. A statement condemning the Turkish occupation and expressing solidarity with Rojava was then read.


The Turkish attacks and massacres of civilians were condemned in Strasbourg. Kurds and their friends came together at Place Kleber to join the action promoted by the Rojava Solidarity Committee.

With the slogan "European silence is killing us", the activists pointed out the massacres carried out by the Erdoğan regime and said that the Turkish state is building a regime based on fascism in the Middle East. The demo ended in Republique Square.


Kurds and their German friends protested the Turkish occupation against Rojava in Hannover. YPG, YPJ and PYD flags were carried by activists during the march in the city center which was attacked by police. German activists said that the attitude of the police encouraged Erdogan fascism.


Emmerich / Kleve People's Assembly, SMJE-Sîwana Yazidi Women Assembly organized a joint action in Kevelaer. The activists condemned the occupation attacks and informed people about what is going on in Northern and Eastern Syria. Hundreds of people visited the information stand opened by activists. Kevelaer Green Party executives visited the stand.


A large crowd joined the demonstration organised in Nuremberg to protest the Turkish occupation of Northern and Eastern Syria. The protest, which started in front of the church of Lorenzkirche, was supported by Die Linke and Partizan. During the march to Weiserthorm square people chanted slogans.


Patriotic Revolutionary Youth Movement promoted a demo in North London, Manor House Station to protest the attacks carried out by Turkey against Northern and Eastern Syria.

Members of the Kurdish People's Assembly call on people to boycott Turkish goods. 

Nik Matheou from the Solidarity Network of Kurdistan, said: "The Turkish state wants to destroy Rojava and the gains of the people there."


A protest was held in Brighton. Members of the Kurdish People's Assembly, as well as an anti-fascist group, joined the protest at Central Churchill Square. HDP former deputy Osman Baydemir joined the protest. The statement issued on behalf of the anti-fascist group called for Turkish President Erdoğan to be tried in an international court.


A protest was held in the Dutch capital Amsterdam to protest Turkish occupation of Rojava.

The rally took place at Museumplein. According to the organizers, around 300 peoplejoined the rally.