Demonstrations for Öcalan in Europe

Kurds and their friends continue their actions demanding freedom for Abdullah Öcalan.

Several actions have been organized in Europe to demand an end to the isolation regime imposed on Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan by the Turkish state. Öcalan is held in İmralı F-Type High Security Prison since 1999.

The imprisonment of the Kurdish leader has turned into aggravated isolation by the Turkish state during the recent years as he is denied meeting with his lawyers since 27 July 2011. The fact that no news has been received from the Kurdish leader for the past two years is raising concerns over his condition and health.

Despite the repeated calls made by millions of Kurds, the Committee for the Prevention of Torture has taken no steps to visit the Kurdish leader in İmralı, while the Council of Europe and European Union member states continue their silence on the aggravated isolation which is carried out in the form of physical and psychological pressure.


Vienna Democratic Kurdish Society Center organised a tent demonstration in front of the Human Rights Momument at Ballhausplatz. The information tent was covered with Öcalan’s posters and flags of PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party), KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) and YPG (People’s Defense Units). Activists are handing out English and German leaflets informing about the isolation of the Kurdish leader. The demonstration will continue until Saturday.


In Darmstadt city of Germany, Kurdish People’s Assembly and Roza Women’s Assembly have opened an information stand at Luisen Platz on August 7.

Activists will be denouncing the isolation of the Kurdish leader and demanding his freedom until August 11.


In Marseille city of France, Kurdish activists launched a three-day information stand action at Vieux Port Square to call attention to the aggravated isolation on Öcalan.

“Freedom for Öcalan, status for Kurdistan” reads the banner hung at the scene and demonstrators hand out leaflets about the isolation policy of the Turkish state.


In French capital city Paris, members of the Democratic Kurdish Society Center opened an information stand at Chatlet Le Halle Square where a banner reading “Öcalan’s freedom is our freedom” was hung.

French people and tourists Show great interest in the information stand where hunderds of leaflets informing about the isolation of the Kurdish leader were handed out.


Another tent demonstration was started at the Norrmalmstorg Square in Stockholm, capital city of Sweden, where Kurdish activists demand freedom for Öcalan and inform the passersby about the isolation imposed on him and the Turkish state’s attacks in Kurdistan.

The action will continue until Friday evening.


In Zurich city of Switzerland Kurds set up a tent in front of the Sttauffacher St. Jakop Church to inform the public opinion about the Turkish state’s genocidal policy against Öcalan and the Kurdish people. Similar demonstrations will be held in Basel, Geneva, Solothurn, St Gallen and Luzern in the coming days.

The action in Zurich will continue until August 11 and demonstrators will be handing our leaflets in German that will give a detailed information on the isolation imposed on Öcalan who was taken captive as a result of an international conspiracy in 1999, as well as the silence and a complicity of CPT, international institutions and Western governments.

Details of the actions to be launched in other cities of Switzerland are as follows;

Solothurn: 9-10 August, at between 16:00 -20:00 - Amthaus

Luzern : 9 -10 August, at between 12:00 -19:00, in front of Bahnhof

Geneva: 8-11 August, at between 12:00 -19:00, Palace du Mollard