Demonstrations against Turkey all around Europe

Protests against the Turkish threat to invade Rojava continue all over Europe.

Kurds living in Europe protested the Turkish state threats to invade Northern and Eastern Syria.

Activists took to the streets in many German cities.


A rally was held in Cologne on Tuesday evening. The rally was held next to the Dom Cathedral promoted by Tevger a Ciwanên Şoreşger and Jinên Ciwanên Azad. The youth movements of the German revolutionary organizations also supported the action.

Speaking at the action, the Zora Young Women's Movement representative criticized the German Foreign Minister who had confirmed support to the Turkish government.


In Nuremberg Kurds and their friends also protested. Parties and institutions such as List, MLPD, Aveg-Kon, Atik, Solidarite joined the action which was held in Lorenzkirche Square.

In the speeches made during the rally, it was reminded of the Kurdish fight for humanity in Rojava, where "the world's most democratic system was created becoming a source of hope for the world". 


In Stuttgart an action was held in front of the HBF. Hundreds of Kurds and German friends gathered to defend Rojava

MLPD, Partizan, MLKP, YXK, JXK, Insitiative Kurdistan joined the protest and marched from HBF to Rotebühl Platz.

The action ended with a call for participation in the march to be held in Stuttgart at 3 pm on Saturday.


In Essen an action was organised by Martyr Berivan Shengal Women's Assembly. 


Hundreds of people marched in Freiburg to protest the attacks and invasion threats issued by the Turkish state against Rojava.

People gathered in Alte Synagoge square and marched towards the city center with YPG and YPJ flags. 


The Kurds and their friends living in and around Kassel organized a rally to protest the invading Turkish state. Dozens of Kurds and their friends gathered in Konigsplatz in Kassel city center to protest Erdogan's threat of invading Rojava.

Kurdish people living in Göttingen, Germany, also organized a march to protest the invasion.


In the Austrian capital Vienna, the Turkish state was protested.

Hundreds of people gathered in front of the Austrian Parliament, with YPG, YPJ flags and photos of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

A speech was made on behalf of the Democratic Kurdish Community Center in Vienna. ”We will be on the streets until the threat of occupation against Rojava is eliminated."

Academician and writer Thomas Schmiedinger made a speech at the rally.


In Greece, the threats of the Turkish state threat of invasion of Rojava was protested with a press conference in front of the Turkish Consulate.


In the French city of Marseille, protests against the Turkish state threats to invade Rojava have been going on for two days.

Tevgera Ciwanên Şoreşger and Antifa group members gathered in Marseille and organized a torched march to protest the 9 October international conspiracy and the threat of invasion against Rojava.


The Kurds and their friends in Draguignan also protested the threat of attack issued by the Turkish state with a march.


In the city of Montpellier in France, the Turkish state invasion and threats against Rojava were protested.

The march, organized by the DKTM and Delal Amed Women's Commune, began at Peyrou Pitot Park and ended in Comedie Square.

The speeches underlined how "if the Turkish state attacks Rojava, ISIS mercenaries will have the possibility to reorganise themselves. We call on everybody to stand up against the Turkish state. As Kurdish people, we will resist everywhere until the end, at any cost."


An action was held in Milan near the Turkish consulate. Speeches reminded the fight of Kurds against ISIS and called on the international community to protect Kurds.