Demirtaş: We will stand up against the war

HDP Co-President Selahattin Demirtaş stated that HDP would not allow AKP’s war madness. Demirtaş emphasized that AKP was implementing the 1990s war concept, and that they would stand up against the war.

HDP Co-President Selahattin Demirtaş stated that HDP would not allow AKP’s war madness and visit house to house in opposition to war. Demirtaş emphasized that AKP was implementing the 1990s war concept, and said that they would stand up against the war.

Demirtaş noted that they were experiencing a military intervention from the palace, and recalled AKP officials’ emphasis on the importance of respecting voters’ will and election results. Demirtaş said that the current chaos plans revealed the lies of AKP, and June 7 elections showed that people were not fooled by AKP lies. He stated that those who said that chaos would come if HDP overcame the election threshold were creating chaos after HDP’s election success.


In his opening speech at the HDP Party Assembly meeting, Demirtaş pointed out that AKP ended the negotiations and disregarded Dolmabahçe Agreement because they did not believe in elections. Accordingly, AKP respects the will of the people as long as it is winning elections, and pretends that it is still in power even though the elections ended AKP rule.

Demirtaş emphasized that HDP would not let AKP break the will of the 13 percent of Turkey who voted for HDP, the main goal of the HDP caucus was to frustrate the war games of AKP, who had used negotiations to win elections before June 7 and is using war to win the upcoming elections.

Demirtaş said that Turkey belonged to all of its citizens, who defended these lands all the way from 1071 to 1921. However, he noted that the current war was for the defense of the palace as opposed to the defense of the country. HDP

Co-President recalled that AKP had never viewed ISIS as a threat and went to war against it, but was fighting others now in order to maintain its power, reminding that Erdoğan did not even call the parents of 31 youth who were massacre in Suruç, but peacefully negotiated with ISIS during the hostage crisis at Mosul Consulate.


Announcing that the HDP Party Assembly members and administrators of all provincial and district organizations would visit people house to house, neighborhood to neighborhood in opposition to the war as part of the HDP initiative for peace, Demirtaş said nobody should be afraid of AKP and its war plans, and HDP would prevent the war as it prevented Erdoğan’s sultanate during June 7 elections.

HDP Co-President emphasized that the current operations were centered around HDP, and AKP was making HDP a scapegoat for its own mistakes now just like it did before the elections. He noted that HDP was always ready for elections, and would bury AKP’s war concept in the ballot box if elections were held now or in October.


Reminding that the police executed three young people in Ağrı yesterday, and AKP has been keeping the bodies of 13 guerrillas on the border for the past 6 days, Demirtaş asked whether a mentality that was torturing dead bodies could talk about democracy and peace, and criticized AKP’s manipulation of these terms.

Demirtaş shared the information that the new AKP advisor Burhan Kuzu was preparing the plans to shut down HDP in his law office, and was aiming to prevent treasury grants to HDP and the party’s growth. Noting that AKP took the judiciary and the press hostage, Demirtaş declared that everyone should stop this AKP tyranny.


Calling upon everyone to raise their voice for peace, stop AKP and strengthen the will for peace, Demirtaş said that the current coalition talks were deceiving, and the coalition for war has already been built with the Turkish nationalist party MHP.

DP Co-President praised KCK representative Remzi Kartal’s statement that KCK was ready to stop fighting, and called upon the state to do the same. Demirtaş ended his speech by emphasizing that their party would stand up against the war, and called upon both sides of the armed conflict to stop shooting and return to the negotiation table.